MCMS is excited to announce that Gator Gamers will continue this year and will once again expand to include new strategic board and card games.   Our current inventory of strategic games includes Chess, Blokus, Seven Wonders, Pandemic, Mancala, Othello, and Sushi Go.  Recently, our students opted to purchase retro board games such as Monopoly, Guess Who, Battleship, Sequence, Life, and Sorry.  We will vote on additional games this year and will be purchased with club dues.  Students will have an opportunity to rotate in groups to learn various strategy games to improve problem solving and critical thinking skills. Social skills and sportsmanship will also be regularly addressed.  Our club meets approximately twice per month from 2:30 to 3:45.  We will meet in the cafeteria and pick up will be outside of the cafeteria/ bus ramp (right driveway if facing the school).  Club dues are $25.00 and will cover the cost of a t-shirt, new games, and a pizza party at the end of the year.  The club sponsor is Alicia Rogers.  Alicia can be reached for questions at  If you have not received my email, please email me so that I will have your correct address.  Thank you for allowing your child to be part of the Gator Gamers!

Meeting Dates for 1st Semester of 2020-2021

September 13

September 27

October 18

October 25

November 15

November 29

December 6


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