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Partners Club

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Congratulations to the 2014-15 Partners Club members! 

Names are posted outside of room 312 on connections hall.

First Meeting:  Tuesday September 2nd 7:05

                                a.m. to 7:25 a.m.  Room 312

Meeting Agenda

- Meet & Greet

- Schedule 1st 9 weeks afterschool social

-complete connections schedule form

-Club Dues ($20) Due September 12th.


Sponsors: Mrs. Cuti & Mrs. Bridges

MCMS Partner’s Club 

WHAT IS Partners Club? 


The Partner’s Club is a club for 6th, 7th, & 8th students who wish to act as peer mentors, tutors and friends to our students who have intellectual disabilities. Partner’s Club helps facilitate acceptance and inclusion of our students with special needs among the general education population. Students will help our friends with everyday activities such as P.E., school work and social skills. Space is limited to 10 partners per grade. Applications submitted first will be considered first.


COST ?     $20 (includes t-shirt and club activities participation    



WHERE?    Partner’s Club will meet on the Connections hall in Room 312.


What We Do: 

* Meet After School: We will have one afterschool meeting/playdate per 9 weeks to engage in activities and crafts with one another.


*Connections: Partners will also interact with our students with exceptionalities during general education connections that they are mutually enrolled in. 


 *Reverse Inclusion: During special occasions our partners will be allowed to participate in ‘Reverse Inclusion’, on a club wide rotation- (IF the partner’s grades/conduct is in good standing).


* Special Olympics: Each Partner will be able to attend at least 1 Special Olympics event (3 events are held in Fall, Winter, Spring).



* Field Trip: Each partner will also be able to attend an end of the year field trip with our class.



  Attached to this letter is an application and 2 teacher referral forms. Please fill out the application and return it to Mrs. Cuti or Mrs. Melba. Give the teacher evaluation forms to two different teachers. They will fill these out and give them to the appropriate people. REMEMBER: You are not allowed to get this form back after giving it to the referring teachers. They will pass the forms on to Mrs. Cuti or Mrs. Melba.



 1. Demonstrate / model good character

2. Interact / engage with students to develop and strengthen social skills.

3. Help with Special Education fundraisers (i.e. Krispy Kreme)

4. Help host a dance sponsored by Special Education Department in January 2014 (proceeds benefit Special Education Dept.)

5. Help tutor students with adapted grade level curriculum.