Gentry, Andy Principal
Kenney, Frank Assistant Principal of Discipline
Thomas, Olethia Assistant Principal of Instruction

Armijo, Angelina 7th Grade Special Education
Bennett, Justin Agriculture Education
Brett, Joey Athletic Director/Physical Education
Brown, Christopher 6th Grade Science
Burner, Donna 8th Grade Social Studies
Carroll, Nicolee 7th Grade Math
Chapman, Kerri 6th Grade Math/Language Arts
Childers, Molly 6th Grade Special Education
Collins, Shelley 6th grade Social Studies
Coulombe, Kevin 7th/8th grade Math
Cuti, Angela Special Education
Davidson, Jennifer 8th Grade Science
Dingler, Judy VI Teacher
Farrell, Scott ISS/Physical Education
Fitzgerald, Tamye 8th Math / 9th Algebra 1
Fobbus, Robin Business Education
Fortson, Matthew 6th Grade Social Studies
Franklin, Susan 8th grade language arts
Gautney, Amy Physical Education
Gentry, Lindsay 6th Grade Language Arts
Gill, Jonathan 7th Grade Social Studies
Ham, Jennifer 6th Grade Math
Hamrick, Tracie ESOL Teacher
Harvey, Jacob 6th grade Science
Hays, Heather Band Director
Hicks, Justin 7th Grade Social Studies
Hillstrom, Pamela VI Teacher
Holliday, Jay Physical Education
Kohn, Carol 7th Grade Science
Kothe, Tammy 7th Grade Science
McCranie, Jeri Special Education
McCranie, Laura-Lee 7th Grade Language Arts
Mixon, Kasey 6th Grade Math
Moore, Carly Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher
Moss, Vallena School Counselor
Rainwater, Natalie 7th Grade Language Arts
Roberts, April 7th Grade Math
Roberts, Madeline Art
Rogers, Alicia Speech-Language Pathologist
Roth, Betsy Media Specialist
Scalf, Kimberly SPED paraprofessional
Scott, Lindsey Paraprofessional
Shaw, Sheri 8th Grade Math
Sheppard, Sherry Special Education/ EBD
Smith, Kimberlee Special Education
Smith, Leslie Special Education
Smith, Suzanne 7th/8th Language Arts
Stelson, Melissa 7th Grade Social Studies
Thomas, Charlotte Interpreter
Wall, Teresa 8th Grade Science
Wilkinson, Tina 8th Grade Language Arts
Williams, Shannon 6th Grade Language Arts

Carpenter, Roseanne Secretary
Hildreth, Amy Braille Clerk
Perkins, Dayna Health Tech
Poff, Lisa Paraprofessional

Holman, Melba Paraprofessional