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Mrs.  Tina  Wilkinson
8th Grade Lang. Arts/ Soc. Stud.
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I am very excited about this year, and I hope you are too! This year begins my 21st year in teaching. I have a passion for reading and writing and my goal is to instill that” love” of reading and writing in you during this school year. I also believe that in order to be successful, you have to work “diligently” at that skill or task; therefore, rigor is very important in the success of learning. I hope you will one day look back and reflect that my class contributed to your own successes.



40 %--Major assessments

30% - Minor assessments

10%--Homework/Daily Grades: may or may not be graded. I assign it because you need the practice in a skill (e.g., writing, reading, grammar) or the preparation for class (drafts for writing pieces, reading assignments). For example, I may grade your literary responses due each week, but I may not grade your vocab definitions that week. You may receive a signature for either if you do not have it on the specified date.



I have two goals for you as a reader:

v  to develop a life-long habit of reading

v  to increase your reading comprehension and fluency

To do this you must read consistently and you must read literature of appropriate rigor for an 8th grader. I realize that not all of you find reading enjoyable; some of you find it more of a challenge than your classmates. I will endeavor to help you enjoy reading more by helping you discover the genre you like best; For those of you for whom reading is more of a challenge—the only solution is to PRACTICE.


Your major homework assignment is to read daily for your 100 pages per week. At mid-term you should have reached 450 pages; Reading responses and jots will be graded weekly to help monitor your reading and I will also check your reading logs and reading responses two days before progress reports go home for a grade; the day before final exams, you will receive another grade for the reading pages.


BEHAVIOR EXPECTATIONS—We will have a harmonious and classroom if you adhere to the posted classroom procedures. When in doubt, DO NOTHING THAT INTERFERES WITH LEARNING.

Be GATORS: generous, ambitious, trustworthy, optimistic, respectful, and self-disciplined.


COMMUNICATION: Parents, please email me at if you have any questions or concerns during the school year.