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Mr.  Kevin  Coulombe
7th Grade Math
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7th Grade Math -- Course Syllabus


 The Curriculum


First Semester

Unit 1 -- Operations with Rational Numbers

Students will add, subtract, multiply and divide postive and negative numbers.  They will also explain, model and apply commutative, associative, distributive, identity and inverse properties to add and subtract rational numbers.   


Unit 2:  Expressions and Equations    

In this unit, we will use the properties of algebra to add, subtract, factor, and expand linear expressions. Expressions and equations will be written and solved with real-life problems using positive and negative rational numbers. 


Unit 3:  Ratios & Proportional   Relationships
Students will compute unit rates and graph proportional relationships. They will use proportions to solve problems with percent and missing measures from scale drawings.


Second Semester

Unit 4:  Inferences  
Students build on their previous work with single data distributions to compare two data distributions and address questions about differences between populations. They begin informal work with random sampling to generate data sets and learn about the importance of representative samples for drawing inferences.

Unit 5:  Geometry 

Students will draw, construct, and describe geometrical figures and the relationships between them. They will solve real-life problems involving angle measure, area, and volume.  Students will use prior knowledge of equations to solve problems with missing angle measurements.
Unit 6:  Probability
In this unit, students will solve problems involving chance. Experiments will be conducted and compared to the results that are expected. Models for simple and compound events will be used to predict outcomes.  



Grading Policy

The academic year will be divided into two semesters, with each lasting 18 weeks. There will be a cumulative exam after 9 weeks, 18 weeks (mid-term), 27 weeks and 36 weeks (final).  Those four tests will fall under the category final exams (see below).   

Students will be continually assessed using a variety of methods.  A student's overall grade is a combination of major grades (40%), minor grades (25%), daily grades (15%) and final exams (20%).   



Tutoring will be offered every Tuesday during the school year from 3-4pm. I will walk the students to the front office area when we are finished.  Please be ready to pick up your child at that time. 


More Math Help

For other resources to help throughout the year, please check out the following websites:






If you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail at or by calling the school at 478-988-6171.