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"When You Believe"

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Congratulations to our 2020-21 Spelling Bee Champ and Runner-up

Marshall H.

8th Grader- Marshall H.

Marshall H. and Ethan C.

8th Grader- Ethan C.

Thursday, July 30th

Good Thursday Morning Mossy Creek Family,


I wanted to send everyone an update on our school's Virtual Meet & Greet and provide some information about supplies and schedules.

Mossy Creek's Virtual Meet & Greet will be released on Tuesday, Aug. 4th at 12pm. This will be a slide show that has information about health protocols, arrival/dismissal procedures and other beginning of the year information. It will also include a video tour of the school for our new students. Additionally, there will be a video of all our staff introducing themselves. I hope this will give our students and parents enough information to feel safe and comfortable about school starting on August 6th.

Also, on Monday, Aug. 3rd, you and your student will receive an email or phone call from your 1st period teacher providing you with your student's schedule, academic team, and where to report on Aug. 6th (all students will report to their 1st period class on Aug. 6th). Included in this email will be a supply list for your student's classes this semester.

Our teachers have been in the building for two days and have made great progress in getting ready for Distance Learning and Face to Face Learning.

If you have any questions, please reply to this email.


Mossy Creek Families,

As we all prepare for the beginning of school, we wanted to go ahead and give your student a chance to purchase Mossy Creek gear for this year. Students will not be using lockers therefore, they will be allowed to carry their book bag to all classes and home each night. Also, mask will be required at school when we cannot social distance. The store has book bags, mask, hats, T-shirts, polos and jackets for you to select. You will be able to pay by debit card or credit card directly to the company. Your order will arrive packaged at Mossy Creek and we will send it home with your student.

Here is the link to the store and the Mossy Creek Code is : 1848643

When checking out use Mossy Creek Middle as the company name. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reply to this email.

We are looking forward to school getting started again on Aug. 6th, 2020.

school store
Mossy Creek says goodbye to these staff members.


Mossy Creek says farewell and good luck to our following family members who are leaving us this year. Each of you are irreplaceable and will be greatly missed!

*Dayna Perkins will be the medtech at the new school Bonaire Primary;
*Macy Swanson is going back to her hometown to start a chorus program at the same middle school she attended;
*Olethia Thomas will be the director for Gifted and Fine Arts education for our county; and
*Jon Gill is retiring from teaching in Georgia and moving to Tennessee.

Mossy Creek Student Items Pick-Up May 19th -21st


Mossy Creek will begin the process of allowing students to come to the school to collect their personal belongings, turn in school items, and get their yearbook. If you have a school uniform, library book, teacher book, or textbook at home, please bring those with you to the pick up to return to the school.

Tuesday May 19th – Thursday May 21st will be our designated time for this process. Each student will be assigned a time by grade and alphabetical order (last name).

Protocols for Pick - Up:

1)      All Students and Parents will stay in their cars – we will follow our car rider pick up process –see schematic.

2)      Parents/Students will write their name, homeroom teacher name, and the word “yearbook” if you purchased one on a piece of paper and place it in the dash of your car for us to see. 

3)      We will deliver the items from their locker to your car.

4)      While we are waiting for their belongings, students may turn in uniforms, books and receive their yearbook from Mrs. Roth.

5)      If you still have medication at the school, Mrs. Perkins will deliver your meds to you while you wait on your students belongings.

6)      If you have multiple students that attend Mossy Creek, just choose one pick-up time and we will get all your student’s belongings at this time. Please write all names and HR teacher on the sheet of paper.

7)      If your student cannot attend their assigned pick up time, please reply to this email and I will provide you with another pick up time that will work with your schedule.

Below are the scheduled Pick up times by day and alphabet (last name) for all grade levels:

Tuesday May 19th – 8th Grade Pick up

8am – 9:30am – A-D last name

10am-11:30am – E-J last name

12:00pm- 1:30pm – K-P last name

2pm – 3:30pm -  Q- Z last name

Wednesday May 20th 7th Grade Pick-up

8am – 9:30am – A-D last name

10am-11:30am – E-J last name

12:00pm- 1:30pm – K-P last name

2pm – 3:30pm -  Q- Z last name

Thursday May 21st 6th Grade Pick-up

8am – 9:30am – A-D last name

10am-11:30am – E-J last name

12:00pm- 1:30pm – K-P last name

2pm – 3:30pm -  Q- Z last name