Art Club- 7th/8th grade

Welcome to 7th & 8th Grade Art Club!

If you are a 7th or 8th grade student interested in Art Club, please stop by before or after school and pick up an application form.  

7th and 8th art club tryouts will run from beginning of the school year until August 20.   

Complete the form, along with one original piece of art, and return to Mrs. Manning NO LATER than Friday, August 20th.  I will select NO MORE than 30 students to be in Art Club once I have received and reviewed all applications.

Students must submit one original work of art for my review.  These may be drawings, paintings, mixed media art, or sculptures (photography will not be accepted).  Tracings will not be accepted.  Club members will be selected upon review of the artwork submitted, as well as the application information below. To make the selection process fair, I will have another middle school art teacher assist in judging the artworks received.

Art Club members will be notified Friday, August 27.  Once notified, a meeting schedule will be provided to all members.   If a student misses more than 3 meetings, the student will no longer be able to participate in the club.

There will be an art club fee of $25. Please do NOT bring this fee until selected as an Art Club member.  This money will help provide supplies for the projects that students work on during club meetings and a Mossy Creek Art Club T-shirt.

I look forward to creating and growing with you as an artist, regardless if you get accepted in to Art Club, we can grow together!

Mrs. Florrie Manning

Fine Arts Teacher